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A New Year, A New Marriage

A New Year To Re-New Your Marriage

The Solstice and the New Year include weeks of reflection and excitement for the upcoming year ahead.

How can I use that enthusiasm to light up & renew my marriage?

How can I use the past year as a springboard to make our future marriage even better?

What can I complete from 2018 so not to drag it with me into the next year of our marriage?

Here are the 4 Questions I used to complete the past and re-new our marriage –

1. What thoughts are not serving our marriage well? What can I let go of?

The “You don’t love me enough” thought.

Bye bye.

2. What can I brag about? What were the highs from 2018? What can we celebrate?

               We did very well as a team recuperating from a surgery                           together.

               When the shitola hits the fan, we work well together.

3. What am I still working on?

I am a tad on the critical side.

Where did I place those “See the Good Stuff Goggles”?  (I need                to have a pair of those glasses in every room of the house so I                   can find them quicker!)

4. What have I learned that I can I bring into our next year together?

Acceptance and Allowance.

Loving my husband for everything he is —- and everything he is                 not.

Loving myself for everything I am —- and everything I am not.

Complete the past and bring only the good stuff into the new year of your marriage!

Happy New Year 2019 to each and every one of you.

Love & hugs,


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