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Accepting and Allowing

Accepting and Allowing

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Accept and allow your spouse to be exactly as they are.

It’s your gift of love.

Four Reasons  To Accept and Allow Others To Be As They Are

One, they can’t help themselves
but to be who they are,
to like what they like.

Two, judging and putting your focus on the differences
Puts a wedge between the two of you.

Three, who they are is not in your control.
Even if they are your spouse.
They are who they are.

Four, their preferences and choices don’t have anything to do with you.
Your spouse’s actions are an expression of them, not you.

Three More Reasons  To Accept and Allow Others To Be As They Are

Accepting and allowing
Gives you a closer and more loving relationship.

Accepting and allowing
Opens you to feel respect and admiration.

Accepting and allowing
Brings you peace.

Accepting and Allowing

REMINDER: You can’t control what others think, feel or do.

Good news.
They can’t change or fix you either.

Allow your feelings of fear or judgment or anger to pass through your mind and body.

Stay in your lane.

Accepting and Allowing.
Even when you believe, feel and choose differently.

Bottom line:
They are still worthy of your love.
Regardless of what they believe and choose to do or not do.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Give your gift of love.

Accept and allow your partner to be exactly as they are.

And, PS, this goes for anyone and everyone in your circles. Your child, your closest friend, your co-worker, your neighbor, your siblings.

Accept and allow. Give the gift of love. That’s what we’re here for.

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Most important. Take care of you.

Here are 5 easy suggestions:
1. Get enough sleep. Establish a bedtime routine and follow it. 

2. Get outside in nature every day. Rain or shine. 
3. Appreciate what is wonderful in the world. Write 3-5 things you are grateful for each day.
4. Reach out to a sister. Call her once a week – or every day. Ask how she is and what she is feeling. Give her the space to release her feelings without any judgment or fixing.
5. Treat yourself to pleasure. Dance. Take a nap. Sing out loud. Read a novel. Soak in the tub. Do anything you want – just for the pleasure of it. 

With all my love.
From my heart to yours.

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