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Be the Wife You Want to Be

Four Hot Tips to Being the Wife You Want to Be in YourMarriage

It takes some intention to create a great marriage.

I’ve learned that I must be the wife I want to be before I cast a critical eye toward my husband’s behaviors.

Be the wife you want to be in your marriage.

Are you a spouse with one foot out the backdoor?

Or a  spouse who’s all in?

Tip #1 – Decide that you’re in the game of marriage to this person for the long haul. Look at the big picture. Consider partnership as a choice. Intend to celebrate your 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries – with a genuine shit eating grin on your face. Imagine a future in which you and your husband created a connection together worth bragging about.

Be the wife you want to be in your marriage.

Are you a spouse who constantly finds fault and is disappointed with her partner?

Or are you a wife who accepts their mate as human and seeks the sparkle?

Tip #2 – See the Good. Today. Find for the good in your husband. Often. Every day – or every hour. Notice how handsome he is. Be grateful for his ability to cook or wash dishes, or his social skills, or his twinkling eyes. Keep looking and finding the good – because what you  get is what you see. 

Be the wife you want to be in your marriage.

Are you a wife who constantly criticizes and complains?

Or are you a wife who is grateful for what is going well and lets her spouse know on the regular?

Tip #3 – Tell Him How Great He Is. Appreciate him. Thank him. Shine your love light on him. BONUS: No strings attached. Love him for being who he is him —– NOT to manipulate him to love you back in some way.

Be the wife you want to be in your marriage.

Are you a wife who lets her mind run rampant with negative thoughts?

Or a wife who chooses her thoughts with care and intention.

Tip #4 – Keep your mind in check. Manage your mind – not his. Stay on your side of the road.


Be diligent in your awareness of your thoughts.

Accept and allow any critical, judgmental, or disappointed thoughts to drift by like clouds in the sky.

Let them go and move on. Consider your thoughts as options and adopt a better one.


Try these four hot tips to take your marriagefrom good to great.


What went well? What did not go so well? What canyou do differently tomorrow – or later today?

Most important — Have fun.

Have fun upgrading your good marriage to a great marriage!

Be the wife you want to be in your marriage.

It’s your choice.

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