Married Sister Goddess Circle

A group for married Sister Goddesses who want to connect with other Goddesses and make their marriages come alive again.                           Registration opens February 12, 2024 for our Winter Circle.

Life Happens. Roll With It.

Life happens. Roll with it. This is my gentle reminder to you. Life happens. Roll with it. Things don’t always go as planned. Ride the waves of life’s ups and downs and surprises as best you can. Be gentle with yourself. Put your attention on who you want to be & how you want to […]

It Takes a Village

This is my gentle reminder to you. Don’t do your relationship alone. It takes a village to create a loving marriage. I suggest to my clients to do the majority of work on their marriages solo – without their spouses. What!? Yes, you read that right. Work on your marriage – without your spouse. Why? […]

Get Yourself in Alignment

This is my gentle reminder to you. Get yourself in alignment. Take the time for an adjustment. Let me share my basic alignment theory: Your thoughts, feelings and actions create your results. They are all connected. One causes a chain reaction to the other. Like a train of dominoes. Your thoughts fuel your feelings. Then […]

Stop Overeating

This is my not so gentle reminder to you. Smack! Sometimes we need a direct hit on the head. Stop Overeating. It’s time to stop numbing yourself with “over-ing”. You are ready to stop over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, over-Netflixing, over-scrolling.. You are ready to stop any and all of the “over-ings” “Over-ings”, are like a game […]

Christmas in July

These are my Christmas in July gifts to you. Peace, Love & Joy. Happy Independence Day. You know what pulls me forward? My pursuit of the Christmas spirit. Year-round. Peace, Love & Joy. Those are the gifts I want to feel deep down in my gut. And those are the gifts I want you to feel […]

Feel Your Feels – 3 EZ Lessons

This is my gentle reminder to you. Feel all your feels. Your life will thank you for it. Our lives are constantly shifting and changing. With each change comes a myriad of emotions. Feel your feels. I have 3 EZ lessons in the “Feel Your Feels” module that I share with my clients. Lesson 1: Grow […]

Living With Fear – The Key to Grow & Evolve

This is my gentle reminder to you. Be big and bold WITH your fear. Push yourself to grow and evolve. Last week I had a client say that she wanted to be fearless. That was one of the goals she had for our 6-week coaching program together. Becoming fearless. That wasn’t going to happen. And […]

3 Tips to Survive the Slog

This is my gentle reminder to you. You can survive the slog. We’ve got to generate some joy here. It is getting hard. Many of us are getting tired of the muck of it all. It’s not over yet and there’s no clear end in sight. It’s time to create some fun and add some […]

Living in the Time of Not Knowing

This is my gentle reminder to you. We are living in the time of “not knowing”. And that’s OK. There’s a lot that’s uncertain during this stage of stay-at-home. Living in the time of “not knowing”.  Many of us are experiencing a wide range of emotions within one day. What a ride. I am getting […]

Stand Powerfully in the Unknown

This is my gentle reminder to you. Stand powerfully in the unknown. We are swimming in something entirely new and different. We don’t know what the future will look like right now. And that’s OK. It is what is. That is the truth. We don’t know in what ways and for how long we will […]