Married Sister Goddess Circle

A group for married Sister Goddesses who want to connect with other Goddesses and make their marriages come alive again.                           Registration opens February 12, 2024 for our Winter Circle.

A Call To Pause & Re-Set

This is my gentle reminder to you. Pause and Re-Set. Normalcy is no longer. Look within. Driving on automatic while daydreaming is no longer possible. The events of the past two weeks have been a 5-alarm wake-up call. 8 minutes and 46 seconds. A Call to Pause & Re-Set. Collectively We Need a Pause & […]

Celebrate Your 2019 Self

This is my gentle reminder to you. Celebrate your 2019 Self. Acknowledge who you’ve been and what you’ve learned in the past 12 months. The time of Winter Solstice through the New Year sets the stage for reflection and completion. It’s an opportunity to complete 2019 as the year comes to a close. Celebrate your […]

Fall Down. Get Up.

Fall Down. Get Up. That’s the name of the game. I fall down. Tripped up in my negative thoughts. Man, those thoughts sound real. I Fall Down. I believe those thoughts. They are in the air. I catch them in my sticky-mind-net. I join them in the net. Stuck. “I’ll never get this.” “I can’t […]

Making Decisions: 4 Lessons

Making Decisions: Four Lessons Learned I had a lot of opportunities to make decisions this week. I bet you did too. Making decisions ultimately boils down to choosing between YES or NO. “Am I a YES or am I a NO on this?” I ask myself. Which will lead me to my BIG & BOLD […]

The Integrity Muscle

The Integrity Muscle: Build the Integrity Muscle and you can do anything. Build this muscle and you will build your  life. A person with a strong Integrity Muscle is a person that honors and take care with their word. What this means is that you fulfill your promises. Not from being good or bad but from […]

Small Consistent Steps – Morning Routines

I believe that small steps taken consistently create humungous changes in our lives. I have created a strong start to my day with a regular morning routine for over 5 years. WHY HAVE A MORNING ROUTINE? Other than this is your most valuable time of the day – before your day officially starts and gets […]