Married Sister Goddess Circle

A group for married Sister Goddesses who want to connect with other Goddesses and make their marriages come alive again.                           Registration opens February 12, 2024 for our Winter Circle.

What’s FUN Got to Do With It?

What's Fun Got to Do With It?

This past week, two different married couples I work with, brought up “the good old days” with nostalgia. They both had this longing in their voices. They wanted to go back in time to when they first started dating. Before kids and jobs and responsibilities. Back to when their interactions were full of laughter, flirtatiousness […]

Rest, Relax and Renew

Rest, Relax and Renew

I just returned home from a month in the Caribbean. I had two intentions for this time away from my usual routine: To rest deeply. To connect with my husband on an even deeper level. I didn’t have a plan. No agenda. Just follow my feelings. This is so not me. Once we arrived, the […]

International Nourish Yourself Week

Hello My Sweet Peeps! This is my gentle reminder to you. I’ve got you. The world is wobbly right now. You might feel a little raw and vulnerable these days. I sure do. For many, our nervous systems are running ragged and we feel exhausted. In the northern hemisphere, we are preparing for the return […]

Get Juiced!

This is my gentle reminder to you. How you show up to your marriage makes all the difference. Take charge. Put Yourself First When you put yourself first by doing what makes you feel good like spending time with friends, taking a hike in nature with your dog, writing in your journal, or sewing a […]

Relationship Habits & Rituals

This is my gentle reminder to you. Take a love audit on your relationship. Loving habits create a loving life. You know what I’m talking about. The actions you take on the regular to love yourself up? A morning routine to upgrade yourself? From love, not disapproval? Some type of physical exercise, a meditation, an […]

Be Your Own Best Spouse

This is my gentle reminder to you. Love yourself up. Be your own best spouse. Many of my clients come to me with wanting their spouses to change. If only he/she did this – or didn’t do that – Our marriage would be so much better. If he/she were: More sexual. Less focused on work. […]

Don’t Do It Alone – You Need People to Heal

This is my gentle reminder to you. Don’t do it alone. You need people to heal your hurts. This was a very hard lesson for me to learn. It used to be me against the world. Well.. me and a gallon of cookie dough ice cream against the world. Me & my ice cream. We’ve […]

Receive the Goodness

This is my gentle reminder to you. Receive the goodness. It’s for you. Take it all in. Receive it. Just say, “YES. Thank You.” Receive the goodness. There’s so much of it out there. Most of the time we don’t even notice that it IS there. I’m asking you to intentionally look for it – […]

Learn How To Set and Maintain Your Boundaries

This is my gentle reminder to you. Set and maintain your boundaries. “No. Because I say so.” I grew up as a habitual good girl and people-pleaser. I didn’t know that I had the option to say, “No” – or “Yes” as I chose. It wasn’t until I was well into my 30’s that I […]

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

This is my gentle reminder to you. Stop looking outside yourself for love. Love YOU just as you are. That’s where it all begins. With you. Loving you. Exactly as you are. You are a miracle. Regardless of the number on the scale. The shape of your nose. All those thoughts of not being enough. […]