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Do What Lights You Up

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Do what lights you up.

Move toward what gives you energy.
And move away from what drains your energy.

Do more of what feels good and less of what doesn’t feel good.

After an event or situation I often ask myself,
“Whatcha think? Plus or Minus?”

Was it a “More, please. Let’s do it again”  or a “Nope. Ick, not for me”?

Last week I went to a get together of friends and acquaintances to acknowledge the contributions of an extraordinary leader of our community. On my drive home I replayed conversations and relived the connections I felt with the people gathered for the occasion.

My response to my internal “Whatcha think?” check-in was a definitive, “More please.”

“Yes” to these people and our shared commitment to engaging in powerful, energizing conversations.

Being with these people felt good.

I made a commitment to myself to spend more time with these people.

Do what lights you up.

Hey –I want you to know that not everyone and everything in my life is a “Yes. More please.”

I do have some clear & easy, “Nope. Ick. Meh. Not for me.”

Those are things and people I don’t go out of my way to initiate with.

But what about all those shades of gray?

I have my share of places where I am required to show up smiling when I’d simply prefer to flip them the bird and say get lost.
And that’s me being tactful.

Big sigh here. Another long look within.

The gray places where places where I’m not a clear yes or a clear no.
I’m a clear resistance.

How do I know?

I listen to my thoughts.

“I don’t want to.”
“You can’t make me.”

And other variations of the same thing.
“I don’t want to.”
“You can’t make me.”

“I don’t want to.”

Those conversations deserve a longer, more careful, poke-about inquiry.

I will write out my thoughts and feelings to get a better look at what is happening on my automatic knee-jerk reaction level.
I’ll take the time to intentionally generate alternative thoughts and feelings that can serve me for my highest good.

Oh, the treasures that lie in those sticky spots.
This is where the growth & evolving take place.

Sometimes I need to listen to myself as I share my thoughts and feelings with my coach.

I remind myself, “I always have a choice.”

Who do I want to be in this moment?

“I always have a choice.”

My voice.
My coach’s voice.

Who do I want to be – FOR me?

If I’ve painted myself into a victim corner, how can I take charge and up level a boring conversation of minutia?

If I’m uncomfortable, how can I be brave and true to my authentic self?

And if I want to leave or let go or get the hell out of the situation, how can I communicate completion in a powerful manner without hiding or becoming a hot mess of emotional melt down?

I intentionally change my thoughts, which in turn change my feelings.

I’ve witnessed and guided my clients in turning their thoughts around as well.

Do what lights YOU up.

Go within. Go visit where your true guidance resides. Get unstuck and do what is best for YOU.

This is your one wild and precious life.

Listen to and follow your body-ometer.

Your gut knows.
Do what lights you up.

Do less of the “Ick. Not for me.”
And more of the “Yes. More please.”

BONUS: Explore your sticky spots – and create your best self in the places you resist.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Move toward what gives you energy.

Do what lights you up.

Go within for your answers. Your gut knows.

Are you stuck and need a hand to pull yourself out?
Do you need some guidance on your journey to becoming the best self you can be?

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