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Don’t Bring Your Ex on The First Date

Your ex is showing up on your first date – and all your dates after that –unless you use these 3 simple steps to put your relationship with your ex in the past.

STEP 1 – Decide that your relationship with your ex is truly over and done – AND that you definitely don’t want him or her showing up to your first date with Mr. or Ms. Right.

If you are still reading – we are in agreement – No Ex on Date #1.


STEP 2 – Get complete with that “ex” relationship. Put that relationship where it belongs. In the Done – Finished – Over & Complete pile.

Good news —

You don’t need to do this work with the ex.

You can do this work all by yourself.

All you need is:

  • A pen
  • Paper – maybe a lot of paper
  • Your willingness to tell the truth – to yourself
  • An uninterrupted 20 minute block of time

Let’s do it –

Answer these questions about your relationship with your ex.

Go for it:

What is incomplete?

Write it down.

Give yourself two minutes to answer each question and move on to the next. Use a timer if you want.

Get it all out.

What are you still upset about?

What are you disappointed about?

What are you resentful about?

What do you regret?

Where have you failed?

What did you not do?

What did you not say?

What are you willing to let go of?

What are you willing to take responsibility for?

What are you willing to forgive?

What are you ready to acknowledge?

Write or scribble it all out.

Get it out of your head and on to paper.

STEP 3 – Declare this relationship with your ex complete. It is done. All that needed to be expressed has been expressed.

This relationship is NOW declared over & complete. There is nothing left to fix, repair or maintain.

It is OVER – DONE – & in the past.

Bye Bye.

BONUS: Read your list out loud to a close friend who will listen without fixing.

Rip your paper up into small bits & pieces. Toss into the waste bin.

OR burn it.

OR put it to good use in the compost pile.

Let it go.


Put your ex in the past.

Now you have space to create. Create & dream about something new.

Enjoy your first date – without the ex.



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