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Don’t Quit Now

It is hopeless.

It is hopeless when you believe it’s hopeless.

“It is hopeless” is a thought.

Think it over & over & over – and it becomes a belief.

A belief that works its way into your soul.

Finding evidence to support its truth.

But is it true?

Byron Katie asks us to dig deep into our inner knowing,

“Do you absolutely know for certain that it’s true?”

Ask yourself, “Is it true? Do I absolutely know for certain that my circumstance will never change?”

Is it really hopeless?

What if it wasn’t true?

The paradox of inner work. What it is and what it is not.

It’s not a quick fix pill to swallow.

The transformation from hopeless to joyful can happen in an instant.

OR it can be hard work.

Sometimes the magic happens quickly.

And sometimes it doesn’t.

It will take faith and patience and kindness to yourself.

It does not take force or will power or beating yourself to a pulp.

Small steps taken on a daily basis create strong magic.

Don’t quit now.

Now that you’ve come this far.

Hang in there.

Don’t quit on yourself now.

Remember – and go for your dreams.

Don’t Quit Now.

There is so much more than living in a hole.

Schedule a free consultation call with me here to get inspired.

Go for your dreams.

I will guide you out of the hole through the forest and you will arrive on the other side where your dreams are waiting for you.

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