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A group for married Sister Goddesses who want to connect with other Goddesses and make their marriages come alive again.                           Registration opens February 12, 2024 for our Winter Circle.

Get Yourself Back on Track

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Get yourself back on track.

Do whatever it takes.

Today is the day.
Don’t put it off any longer.

Consider the cost of NOT getting yourself out of the rut you are in.

Keep doing what you are doing. You know – more of the same old, same old.
Not just same old, same old as a passing mood – but same old, same old for years — and possibly decades to come.

An OK life. A good life.
Just not a great life.

Not fun.
Not inspiring.

What does 60 and 70 look like if you stay on this same path?

You know the same old, same old.

Criticizing and losing patience with your spouse.
Feeling unloved or unloving in your marriage.
Judging those you are friends with – or related to – in a put-down negative way.

Not letting people in.
Feeling alone and on your own.
Fighting the fight.

Not wanting to get out of bed.
Counting the years and days until retirement – or something.
Resenting your supervisor.
Thinking of your co-workers as interruptions or obstacles to be avoided.

Never getting beyond the fear to start your new business adventure.
Not speaking up.
Not applying for the job.
Staying small.

Never publishing that book.
Not dancing in the streets with wild abandon just for the hell of it.

Consider the possibility of ejecting yourself out of the same old, same old
and injecting some zest into your life.

Your marriage growing in its depth of intimacy & connection as you age together.

Inspiring your work colleagues with your enthusiasm and contribution.

Expressing your unique self with your voice, your movement, and your wild imagination.

Why wait any longer?
It’s already been too long.


A life to be endured?
More same old, same old?


Up your game.
Inject some zest.
Shine your light.
Live a life lit up, tuned in, and turned on — full throttle, full steam ahead.

A or B.

The time is now.
There is no other you.
This is your chance.

Consider the results from living your life full-out, big & bold.

The lives affected when you up-level the love game with your spouse.

The uptick of your colleagues’ energy when you bring more passion and commitment to the workplace.

The music, the consulting business, the TV show, the research, the podcast, that you are sharing with the world as your unique expression of you.

Sometimes we need a helping hand.

Consider this email message – this gentle reminder – that helping hand reaching out to you.

Or a kick in the pants.
Whatever works for you and gets you into action.

A little nudge or your own personal cheering squad to take that first step.


The cost of staying where you are in same old, same old
the impact of the ripples your YES will have on the hundreds of lives you touch.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.

Do whatever it takes.

Get yourself back on track.

Do you need a helping hand to get back on track?
Get a head start on 2020. 

Today is the day.
Don’t put it off any longer.

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