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Receiving & Giving Love Bombs

Receiving & Giving Love Bombs in Your Marriage

I used to tell myself that my husband didn’t love me.

“He doesn’t use his words to tell me he loves me”, I told myself.

I thought, “My husband doesn’t appreciate me.”

And then I read Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages.

I gave it to my husband to read.

And he read it – just like that.

This book opened up a whole new world of love between my husband and me.

One night we had a short but incredibly powerful conversation about Love Bombs.

I finally understood that my husband had been throwing Love Bombs my way all along.

I just hadn’t been facing the right direction.

He’d throw a Love Bomb my way – and I wouldn’t even notice.

I was focused on what he WASN’T doing – and not on what he WAS doing.

He wasn’t telling me he loved me every day with his words.

Poor me.

My husband WAS telling me he loved me every day – almost every hour – with his actions.

Lucky me.

He made me breakfast.

My husband drove me to the auto shop when I needed my car inspected.

He put the dishes away.

His acts of service were the Love Bombs.

I just needed to catch what he was throwing my way.

Now we laugh about it.

Because he wants me to receive his Love Bombs, he adds a gesture of throwing or makes the sound effects of dropping a Love Bomb on my head as he directs one my way.

“Boom.” Love Bomb delivered – and most important – Received.

My husband and I don’t always have our head in the game and we can miss the Love Bombs thrown our way.

The added gestures and sound effects help us a lot.

I don’t want to miss a single Love Bomb thrown my way.

“Boom.” Love Bomb.

And now I know when I am folding laundry or making dinner or driving him somewhere, I can smile knowing that I am giving my mate a Love Bomb.

Yep. That was a Love Bomb.

Not a chore.

It was a Love Bomb.

“Boom.” Love Bomb.

Grateful for Receiving & Giving Love Bombs with my hubby.

I would love to help you upgrade your marriage with Receiving & Giving Love Bombs specific to your relationship.

Let’s have one of my free 60 minute discovery conversations. Email me at to set this up.

Subject Line – Yes To Love Bombs. List 3 times that will work for you this week – and I will confirm within 24 hours.

You can schedule directly on my calendar HERE.

Love Bombs made a dramatic difference in my marriage. I believe they will for yours too.

Now is the best time to upgrade your marriage  – with Love Bombs.

Read my BLOG post Make Every Moment Count for inspiration.

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