Married Sister Goddess Circle

A group for married Sister Goddesses who want to connect with other Goddesses and make their marriages come alive again. 
Our Fall Circle begins on Wednesday, September 27th. 


Go for Big & Bold MAGIC

There are times when BIG & BOLD MAGIC is the only way.

Sometimes I have to go for something greater than myself andmy know-how to find help, to get me out of my misery.

Because my thinking can be the very source of my own unhappiness and misery.

My thinking appears REAL.

And I can be just plain old mean to – ME!

When I’m like this, when I’m in it or “on it”, I cannot trust my thinking to get myself out of it or “off it”.

Sometimes I am my worst enemy.

So, I have to go for something bigger and greater thanmyself.

I go for MAGIC.


Call on God or Higher Power or Source or Spirit.

I go for whatever works.


Release me from the prison of my small thinking.

Disintegrate that Inner Bully that slaps me around without mercy.

Enough is enough.

So, that’s when I go for BIG & BOLD MAGIC.

I call on my Compassionate Angel.


My Spirit Animal. Raven.

I call and she answers.

Trust. She is with you.

The BIG & BOLD MAGIC that only wants what is good for me.

The MAGIC that loves and cares for me no matter what.

No matter how low I go.

No matter how ugly, depressed and worthless I feel.

My Compassionate Angel.


She always loves me.

No matter what.

Sometimes all you have is MAGIC.

Sometimes that is all you need.


What would your BIG & BOLD MAGIC do?


Ask your BIG & BOLD MAGIC to step in and comfort you.

You deserve your MAGIC.

Are you ready to get out of the hole you are living in? I used to live in a hole. For far too long. (Read what I wrote about it here.)

I can help you. Let’s get out of the hole TOGETHER.

Not with willpower and physical strength but with MAGIC.

Schedule a conversation with me to see if TOGETHER we can access your BIG & BOLD MAGIC to get yourself out of the hole you’ve been living in.

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