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International Nourish Yourself Week

Hello My Sweet Peeps!
This is my gentle reminder to you.

I’ve got you.
The world is wobbly right now.

You might feel a little raw and vulnerable these days.

I sure do.
For many, our nervous systems are running ragged and we feel exhausted.
In the northern hemisphere, we are preparing for the return of colder temperatures.
We are tucking ourselves in and getting ready to hunker down.

Transition and change are the alarms to remind us to put ourselves back on the top of the list.

Do 1 thing for you today.
On the hour.
With each meal.
Before you do the next thing on your TO DO list.
How about like, right now?

Take care of you today.

Get together with a friend and take a walk.
Sit quietly with your dog – or a tree.
Bathe yourself with the sounds of singing bowls.
Visit a garden.
Soak in the bath tub.

Start connecting with yourself by celebrating International Nourish Yourself Week.

Share your photos and brags of how you nourished yourself this week in our private Facebook group, The Pleasure Led Wife.
(Sorry my man peeps, this FB site is for women identified readers only. Posts can be shared on my public Facebook page, Gail Tremblay Life Coaching too.)

I am a relationship coach. I help people make their relationships better.

The first relationship to get better is with yourself.
Treat yourself like royalty, shine the light of forgiveness & compassion on yourself, and you will find others much more loveable. Including your spouse.

This is International Nourish Yourself Week.

Oh, I just made that up.
Celebrate anyway.

The world is wobbly right now.
I’ve got you.

You deserve a loving, connected and juicy marriage.

I’d like to help you get just that.
Send me an email with your relationship questions. I promise to answer your question in one of my upcoming email newsletters. I’d love to hear from you.

Schedule your free Discovery Call with me right here. 

If you would like help with the challenges in your relationship, schedule a free Discovery Call with me today and I promise to share at least 1 tool to help you re-connect with yourself and your spouse.

This is what my clients have to say about working with me.

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