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Living in a Hole

I used to live in a hole.

I got so comfortable in my hole – and accepting that this was it – there is no way out of this hole –

That I began decorating my hole.

That was all I knew to make things “better”.

I had completely given up on trying to find my way OUT of the hole.

We all fall in holes. We all fall down.

The secret to falling down – is getting back up!

AND OUT of the HOLE!

I used to be addict. I was addicted to marijuana, food, and work.

Oh, what a hole that is.

Addictions are a whack-a-mole game. Whack one addiction and another pops its head. Around and around you go.

That was 15 years ago.

My WILL POWER did NOT get me out of that hole.


What did get me out?

People holding a hand down that hole.

God/Goddess/Magic/Grace. Whatever you want to call It/Him/Her. Not leaving my side.

Eventually I practiced new behaviors, new habits, and new thoughts.

And then one day I noticed that I was living my life in a completely different manner.

I was no longer living in the hole.

No longer looking up from the bottom of the hole.

No longer re-arranging the furniture in the hole.

No longer spackling & painting the walls of the hole..

I simply was no longer living in the hole.

Thoughts – Feelings – Actions – Results.

No hole.

Now I’m living my life.


If you are in a hole, stop decorating. Stop re-painting. Don’t get comfortable.

I’m reaching my hand down. See my flashlight?

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