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Living in the Time of Not Knowing

This is my gentle reminder to you.
We are living in the time of “not knowing”. And that’s OK.

There’s a lot that’s uncertain during this stage of stay-at-home.

Living in the time of “not knowing”. 

Many of us are experiencing a wide range of emotions within one day.
What a ride.

I am getting a lot of calls, emails & texts from folks in turmoil.

My clients are experiencing anxiety, frustration, & agitation.
At other times of the day they are feeling calm and focused.
A few hours later they are feeling overwhelmed and shutdown.

This is in ONE day.
And sometimes within just a few hours.

This is NORMAL during times of “not knowing”.
Not just for my clients – the majority of whom live with fear, self-doubt and anxiety on a good sunny day.
But for ANYONE living through this time of COVID-19, “stay-at-home” and “not knowing”.

Many of us are experiencing unease.
The ground is shifting beneath our feet.

Start here.
Right here.

Accept whatever it is you are feeling.

What you are feeling right now during this time of “not knowing” is OK.
Don’t argue or judge yourself out of whatever it is you are feeling at this moment.

Allow the Feels to Feel

Be sad.
Or lonely.
Feel pissed off.

Allow your feelings to be whatever they are.

Here are 6 self-care practices that you can use to grow your capacity to live in the “not knowing”:

  1. Create a self-care kit* to build your antibodies for the “not knowing”. Include:
    1. 3 people’s numbers that you can call to have positive uplifting conversations filled with love and laughter. (Include mine!)
    2. 3 go-to affirmations, meditations or podcasts to get your head out of the toilet.
    3. 3 dance songs in your playlist to liven you up. Dance or sing your heart out.


  1. Get physical:
    1. Take a walk outside.
    2. Mop the floor.
    3. Do yoga.


  1. Get creative:
    1. Draw.
    2. Write a poem.
    3. Organize a drawer or a corner of a room.


  1. Go within:
    1. Meditate.
    2. Dump all your thoughts out in a journal.
    3. Notice all the good around you right now. Write a gratitude list.


  1. Learn something new:
    1. A new language with the Duolingo app.
    2. Take an online course.
    3. Try out a new recipe.


  1. Do something kind:
    1. Email, text or snail mail a letter of thanks to someone.
    2. Help someone in need. Sew masks, send money, raffle a quilt.
    3. Listen to a friend or family member without judgment.

In truth, this “not knowing” is not new at all.

There was always A LOT we didn’t know.
During this time of “not knowing” AND and at any time in the future –

We just don’t know.

You’ve got this.
And if you don’t, it’s a good time to get it.

We’ve always been living in the time of “not knowing”.

And we will ALWAYS will be living in the “not knowing”.
That is what living is.
Living in the “not knowing” until we do know.

The practices you take on now will build your capacity for living in the “not knowing” today – and every other day of your life.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
There’s a lot we don’t know during this stage of stay-at-home.

We are living in the time of “not knowing”.  And that’s OK.

I am offering free coaching through the month of April over the phone for anyone who needs help managing their thoughts and feelings during this time of stay-at-home and “not knowing”.
Schedule your free coaching session here. 

P.S Please share this email with a friend.

P.P.S Ithaca Coaching Collective is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 4/7/20 at noon EST – Meet the Ithaca Coaches & Find Out What Coaching Is.

Most important.
Take care of you.

Here are 3 easy suggestions:
1. Get enough sleep. Establish a bedtime routine and follow it. 

2. Get outside every day. Rain or shine. Take a walk.

3. Appreciate what is wonderful in the world. Write 3 things you are grateful for every day.

4. Get a buddy. Call them every day. Ask how they are and what they are up to. Ask them if they need anything.

With all my love.
From my heart to yours.
♥ Gail

For more on this topic read the BLOG post Stand Powerfully in the Unknown.

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