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Find Your Inner Wise Person’s Message Through Collage

Recently a friend told me about an active addict in her life. She was very clear about the behaviors he needed to change and the emotional work he needed to do. These she quickly listed off on her fingers.

She was a lot less clear about the behaviors she needed to change and the emotional work she needed to complete.

We often forget that our response or lack of response to the addicts in our life is part of the dance.

Our response is part of the problem.

My friend completely forgot what she wanted her home and family life to look and feel like. She was so focused outside of herself she forgot what her own hopes and dreams even felt like.

She left her fierce love for herself somewhere else, somewhere outside of herself.

This may be where you are too.

Lost and forgotten.

To bring your dreams, hopes and wishes back to the forefront of your mind you may like to do a simple art project. A collage.

Collect a variety of old magazines.

Set an intention. What is the problem that you want to solve?

For this example, my friend wanted to know what she wanted her home to look and feel like. She wanted to create a home that was a safe sanctuary for her family – and for herself.

Rip or cut out images that call out to you, that jump out and represent the intention that you set.

Use a glue stick and cover an entire piece of cardboard or poster board – any size is fine – with the images from the magazines you gathered. Place them in a sequence or pattern from left to right, or from top to bottom in a manner that speaks to you.

When you feel complete, look at your finished board. There’s a story and a message that the images have for you. 

Gaze at your inner wise person’s message to you. Take it in.  Share what you learned. Journal your thoughts. Cry out your feelings. Talk to a friend.

Place your collage somewhere where you will see it often. Let it remind you of what YOU want, of what is right for YOU. 

Focus on YOU – not their behavior, their problem. This loving kindness is for YOU.

Follow the feeling of the message from your collage. Resonate with its centering hum.

Create that feeling in small places – a drawer, your purse or wallet, a closet.

Go bigger when you feel ready. Spend time gazing at your collage for inspiration and new messages.

Change happens. One step at a time.

Sometimes fast and big. Sometimes small and slow.

I would love to hear what you learned from your collage and the changes you are experiencing in your life. Send me an email or respond to this post.

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