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A group for married Sister Goddesses who want to connect with other Goddesses and make their marriages come alive again.                           Registration opens February 12, 2024 for our Winter Circle.

Love Your Self

Love Your Self. Exactly as you are – and exactly as you aren’t.

I Love Me

You were born whole and complete.Completely worthy.

Without having to do one darn thing.Or having to please one dang person.

Just born lovable.

Worthy of love without having to do or be ANYTHING.You are still that way.

Take that in.

I remind myself of this every single day.Sometimes on the hour.

I Love Me

One part of my daily meditation is the affirmation, “I love me”.

I put one hand on my chest and the other on my lower belly and repeat the words several times, “I love me”.

Until it sinks in and registers.

Try it.

I Love Me

I am the source of my love and worthiness.Or God or Spirit or whatever the creation of the miracle that created my birth and aliveness is.

That’s the source of my lovability and worthiness.

Not my accomplishments at work.Not my pleasing anyone else.Not the love of my spouse or the capabilities of my children.Not how much money I make.

I was born lovable and worthy.Period.

That’s a given.

What’s up to me is what I do with the miracle that I am.That’s the cherry on top.

As Mary Oliver asked, “What are you going to do with this one wild and precious life?”

Today is the day.Go out and practice.

Tell yourself:

I am worthy.I am enough.

I Love Me

Love Your Self.Exactly as you are – and exactly as you aren’t.

Your worthiness is not outside yourself.It IS Your Self.

Wishing you Peace, Love & Joy.


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