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Loving Yourself Like You Really Mattered

Celebrate your safe moments.

At this moment you are safe. Loving Yourself Like You Really Mattered.

Some of us weren’t born into a safe, calm, loving, family household. Something all babies and young children deserve and require for their developmental needs and health.

Some of us were born into an environment filled with unexpected bursts of anger and violence rather than warm blankies and nursery rhymes. Some of us were born into neglect and aloneness rather than loving arms to hold and protect us.

That’s how it was. Through no fault of our own. It just was.

It is possible, if you are a frequent visitor to my website community or an avid reader of my weekly blog, that you too, may be one of the “some of us”. Welcome. You belong here. You will find the love, comfort and belonging you need here.

As a result of the environment we were born into, our brains were programmed to be on the alert for danger. All of the time. We never knew how Mom or Dad were going to react at that moment. Loving? Not loving? It was a crap shoot.

This adaptation of alertness or hypervigilance kept us alive and safe. It served us well back then when the people and events around us weren’t predictable.

Now? For the most part we are safe. I actually remind myself several times a day, “At this moment I am safe.” It’s amazing what a release of joy that is.

The constant alertness is a default behavior for me. I practice intentionally breathing and being present in a world that does not appear safe but in actuality is safe.

Anxiety, fear, self doubt – manifests now. Does not serve me.


“At this moment I am safe.” For women who’ve been sexually violated in one form or another, you can add, “At this moment my vagina is safe.” Fill in the body part of your choice. Play with this thought. Say it aloud. Feel whatever you feel. Laugh with it. Cry. Shout. Jump up & down and announce it to the world.

Self-Love 101.

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