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Make Every Moment Count: Value Time Together

My husband and I live in the same house.

I work from my home office.

My husband’s business is only 3 miles down the road.

He stops by the house often during the day.

Despite all this if I added up our time together in a given day, the hours wouldn’t amount to much.

On a typical day, we spend 3-4 waking hours together and an average of 8 hours of sleeping together.

I value those 24 hours we have together.

I intentionally make those hours and minutes count.

Waking up is an opportunity to spend a few moments spooning with my hubby before I get out of bed.

Smiling, I think how lucky I am to have my man in my bed.

Whenever we pass in the house, in the hallway, in the kitchen – I reach out and touch him. Just a moment.

An “I love you” moment.

If he’s home for lunch and I am without a client, I pop downstairs to say hello – or I join him for a shared midday meal.

In my book, our dinner evening time is sacred. It’s scheduled in my calendar.

(My calendar is my book — and that’s a topic for a future post.)

Phone calls are not answered and meetings are not scheduled (for the most part) between 5 and 8 in the evening.

We prep our meal together, say Grace together, savor our food together – and clean up together.

On a regular basis I review my schedule and our routines and intentionally make every moment we have together count.

This is my life and my marriage.

This is what being cause in the matter of my life looks like for me today.

Being 100% responsible to create the love of my life.

I invite you to do the same.

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