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Making Choices Powerfully

Making powerful choices in our lives simply boils down to choosing “Yes” or choosing “No”. This is the moment when it’s time to turn left or turn right at the intersection.

You can’t sit there indefinitely. Well maybe you can. People do put there lives on hold, in indecision indefinitely. 

Imagine sitting at the intersection with your car engine idling. What a waste of energy. 

What if there was no story about being wrong or pleasing others and the choice you made was from considering what you wanted, what you preferred, what worked for you, or just simply what you wanted for no reason at all.

Your gut said, “Turn right.” So you engaged the clutch, got into gear and turned the wheel to the right. 

Engage your clutch. Turn right. Make a choice.

The choice of no action, confusion, indecision, and overwhelm zaps your power and your energy. 

Turn left or turn right. Get on with creating a life of your choosing, one small choice at a time. 

Put a powerful “Yes” or a powerful “No” into the world. Choose.

Get on with creating a life of your choosing. Practice one small choice at a time. Create one big bold life worth living full out. 

Be big. Be bold.


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