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Receiving Love – It’s All For You

Receiving Love. It’s all for you.

Take it all in. Don’t miss one drop.

Take time out for receiving love.

Mark it on your calendar.

Today. The day to receive – to imbibe – to inhale –

Receive the love that is given to you, that is thrown your way, that surrounds you.

RECEIVE all the love that is out there – FOR YOU.

Sometimes we just don’t make the time to take it all in.

Breathe deep. It’s all there – FOR YOU.

Take it all in.

Use all of your senses.

Dab an essential oil on your wrists and between your ears to remind yourself through the day, “I am loved.”

Or crush an herb between your fingers and take a long luxurious breathe. “I am loved.”

It’s all FOR YOU.

Receiving love.

Get yourself out in nature for a walk – and listen.

Listen to “I love you” whispered in the leaves of the trees or howled in the wind, babbled in a stream, or relentlessly repeated as a mantra by the ocean.

Nature never gives up. She shows up with persistence.

“So glad you are here,” she says. “I love you.”

Receiving love.

Eat your next meal slowly. Savor every sensation and different taste and texture on your tongue. This food was made with love especially – FOR YOU.

Receiving love.

Open your eyes to the shapes and colors before you. Each shade of color, each object in its uniqueness created for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Receiving love.

Take it all in. You are truly loved.

Exactly how you are.

Exactly how you aren’t.

Today is your day. It’s FOR YOU.

We are so glad that you are here to receive it.

For more self love – read Love Yourself Like You Really Mattered. 

Having trouble loving yourself up? Not sure if you deserve all the love that is out there for you? Let’s talk. I can help your mind shift gears. Contact me – right now. 

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