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Relationship Habits & Rituals

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Take a love audit on your relationship.

Loving habits create a loving life.

You know what I’m talking about.
The actions you take on the regular to love yourself up?
A morning routine to upgrade yourself?
From love, not disapproval?

Some type of physical exercise, a meditation, an inspirational or educational reading of some sort?
(Facebook does not count.)

Journaling each morning on any of a variety of self-reflective prompts?
(I’ll be glad to send you suggestions, just ask.)
Or vivid visualizations of your goals?

This could possibly sound a tad snarky.
Sarcastic even.

BUT, alas, I’ve been a follower of a morning routine every since I could remember.
I am a HUGE advocate of having – and following – a morning ritual.

Once your own cup is full and overflowing, consider what habits and rituals you can bring to your relationship.

To up-level and grow your marriage.
From love – not obligation, or have-to.

These relationship habits and rituals are completely of your own making.
Get as creative as you wish.
What has meaning to you and your spouse?

Mornings together over coffee?
Taking turns making each other sandwiches for lunch?

For my husband and me, dinner time is our sacred time.
Putting the meal together, eating and cleaning up afterward.
No meetings. No phones. Just us.
That’s our chance to catch up and connect, to listen to each other’s day’s events.

Not sure what your relationship habits and rituals are?

Observe yourself for a day or two.
Take notes.

Especially where you may be wasting love opportunities.
Washing them right down the drain.
Are you leaving love currency on the table and walking away?
Not paying attention to the love-energy leaks in your marriage?


  1. Always start with you. Look at your actions and words – no one else’s.
  2. The small stuff is the big stuff. Make the everyday small stuff sweet.
  3. It’s the daily that can be a grind or a blessing. What’s the one slight pivot or tweak or wink or word or touch that could save the day – and the marriage?

Like an energy audit on your home, take a love audit on your relationship.
Where are you letting cold air seep its way into your loving marriage?

What relationship habits and rituals can you change up to infuse more love into your connection with your spouse?
Every little bit adds up and makes a difference.

Make the giving and the receiving into a game between the two of you.

Playfully, affectionately touch each other each time you pass by one another.
Take the moment to kiss goodbye when one of you leaves the house.
Do something nice for the other for no reason except that it’s an opportunity to say “I love you” with an action.

We all know actions speak so much louder than words.
It’s not the quantity of time spent together, it’s the quality of time spent with each other.
The key word there is with.

Go out and practice.
Loving habits create a loving life.

Take a love audit on your relationship.

I would love to hear about your relationship’s habits and rituals. What is working for you?
Drop me an email. Post on our Facebook page at Gail Tremblay Life Coaching. Leave a comment. Reply to this post.

I am a Relationship Coach. I help women who’ve been with their spouses for ten years or more, rekindle the connection, passion and intimacy in their marriages.

Would you like to turn up the flame with your spouse?

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Share with me what you learned from your love audit.

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If you don’t have a morning ritual, or you don’t know what I’m talking about, check our Hal Elrod’s 8 minute YouTube video or read his book.

If this email resonates with you, please forward this on to a friend who might benefit from it too.

Whenever you are ready, here are three things that you can do this week: 

1. Register here for a free workshop, “Relationship Thought Work in the Labyrinth” I am offering as part of the Crows Calls Wellness Seminar this Thursday, January 28th from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
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3. Sign up here for a free 60 minute Discovery Call. Find out how coaching with me can get you unstuck and loving your life.

Most important. Take care of you.

Here are 5 easy suggestions:
1. Get enough sleep. Establish a bedtime routine and follow it. 

2. Get outside in nature every day. Rain or shine. 
3. Appreciate what is wonderful in the world. Write 3-5 things you are grateful for each day.
4. Reach out to a sister. Call her once a week – or every day. Ask how she is and what she is feeling. Give her the space to release her feelings without any judgment or fixing.
5. Treat yourself to pleasure. Dance. Take a nap. Sing out loud. Read a novel. Soak in the tub. Do anything you want – just for the pleasure of it. 

With all my love.
From my heart to yours.

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