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Schedule Your Top 5

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Simplify your life.

Schedule your top 5 in your calendar. 

It’s the secret to creating spaciousness in your life.
It’s the secret to saying YES.
And to saying NO.

What is most important to you?
Make a list.

What are your top 5 priorities?

Pare your list down to your top 5.

Simplify your life.
Focus on your top 5.

Your Top 5.
What you say YES to first.

My list looks something like this:
1. Connection with God
2. Marriage
3. Being Physically Active
4. Family & Friends
5. Life Coaching Business

I make certain that I’ve blocked out time in my calendar each week for my top 5.
It’s in my calendar.

Then – I do what’s on my calendar.

Everything else is scheduled AROUND my top 5.

It’s a NO.

Who you will become 5 years from now – is no accident. 

You and your magnificent life are the direct result of your top 5.

Create your magnificent life in your calendar.
With your top 5.

Experiment. Explore. Evaluate.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Simplify your life.

Schedule your top 5 in your calendar.

Read more about how to use your calendar to create your magnificent life here.

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P.S. When you are ready, here is 1 thing you can do to help clarify your top 5:

1) Talk to me. Click here to access my calendar and schedule a free 1 hour conversation. At the end of the hour, you will have your top 5. Promise.

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