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Small Consistent Steps – Morning Routines

I believe that small steps taken consistently create humungous changes in our lives.

I have created a strong start to my day with a regular morning routine for over 5 years.


Other than this is your most valuable time of the day – before your day officially starts and gets highjacked by other people’s agendas and the unexpected, unplanned for challenges of the day begin?

This is your window of time when you can make it all about you.

Your time.

You can find your center, get grounded, re-affirm your purpose, and remember what values will drive your actions through your day.

It’s your day. Your 24 hours on the planet.


This is your first workout of the day. Flexing that “keeping your promise to yourself” muscle.

You promised yourself that you would make time first thing in the morning for you. To mediate, to get outside for a run, to make your bed, to walk the dog, to write in your journal, to add to your gratitude list..

You fill in the blank. Lots of ways you can begin your day with a strong start.

Keep the promises you make to yourself.

This is your Integrity Muscle. Flex it first thing in the morning.

You will need this muscle throughout your day — and your life.

Be true to yourself and you will have the capacity to be true to others.

Then others know that you are a person, a brand, a name that can be counted on to deliver.

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