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Sometimes Life Sucks

Sometimes life sucks.

Feeling miserable won’t kill you.

My coach and mentor, Brooke Castillo, says that half the time life is going to suck and you will feel miserable.
And that’s OK.

(Well.. those are not her exact words..)

You just feel miserable.
You will get through it.

My dog died two weeks ago.
It was part of the package.
Dogs die.

Then I got the flu.
Great combo.
The one two punch.

I was miserable.

Half the time of living life you’re going to feel some shade of miserable.

Part of the package.

I let myself go down the rabbit hole.
Like a clogged drain.

There was quite a stench of old rotten thoughts down there.
I let myself go anyway.

I decided that I could handle it.

It’s just grief sprinkled with despair and hopelessness.
I know that place.

I examined my thoughts of grief and despair.

No problem.
Sometimes life sucks.

I examined my thoughts in my clogged drain of grief and despair.
Some thoughts were no longer useful.
Some no longer fit who I am today.

Time to let go and discard.
Bye bye.

I knew that I could handle any feeling I was feeling.
I knew these feelings would eventually pass.

I am not my thoughts.
I am not my feelings.

So I chose to face my feelings rather than avoid or distract with food or over-drinking or busy-ness.

I chose to feel my feelings of grief and loss.
And despair and hopelessness.

Sometimes life sucks.
I chose to embrace the suck and the funk of it all.

I dug down deep in the clogged drain of despair.

There I was.
Feeling sadness and loss.

It’s part of the package.
In sickness and in health.

We’ve got this.

What helped me allow the feelings of every shade of miserableness?

I asked what would the best of mothering mothers do – and I gave that to myself.
I gave myself all the love and self-compassion I could generate.

I asked my angels to gather around and hold me.
I opened myself to receiving love and care from others.
(There was lots.)

I slept.
I drank tea.
I drank a lot of tea.
I slept some more.

I played sad music and danced and cried my eyes out.
I brought my grief to my artwork.
I felt my despair on the mat in my yoga class.

I cried in spurts when I needed to cry.
I did yard work.

I mounded a pile of rocks to mark the site where we buried my beloved dog.
I shared my thoughts and feelings with friends.

And eventually I felt lighter.
The flu worked itself out of my system.

I let go of old thoughts of “I’m on my own and no one cares”
and focused instead on all the love I’m surrounded with.

The feelings of misery passed.

I’ve got this.

Sometimes life sucks.
And that’s OK.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Feeling miserable won’t kill you.

Sometimes life sucks.
And that’s OK.

Wishing you Peace, Love & Joy.



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