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Stop Overeating

This is my not so gentle reminder to you.

Sometimes we need a direct hit on the head.

Stop Overeating.

It’s time to stop numbing yourself with “over-ing”.

You are ready to stop over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, over-Netflixing, over-scrolling..

You are ready to stop any and all of the “over-ings”

“Over-ings”, are like a game of whack-a-mole.

You manage to get one compulsive behavior under “control” – and another one pops up to take its place.

Stop over-drinking and you will start over-smoking or over-eating or over-shopping.
Guaranteed – when you don’t get to the root of the matter.

You are ready to handle the constant barrage of fear, self-doubt and anxiety.

How about over-working?
Or over-exercising?

Yep. I’ve tried them all.
Been there. Done that.

Over – anything is an attempt to NOT feel whatever it is you are feeling.

And when you are not feeling — you are not present.

So there you are NOT showing up fully – for your very own life.

Well, that makes no sense.

And what about that amazing life you dream of?
That relationship you long for?
(Which very well could be with your current spouse.)

The career advancement you desire?
The book you want to write?
The creative, fully expressed self you want to be in the world?

Your dreams ain’t happening while you are engaged in “over-ing”. They don’t have a chance.

Stop Overeating.

What if you can learn how to allow an urge to come – and go?
If you can learn how to have a feeling course through your body – and then pass?

It can be done and you can do it.
I’ll show you how.

You are ready to start being present in your own life,
to start loving your partner again,
to advance in your career,
and to express your full self in the world…

You are ready to make the change from opting out – to tapping in.

You belong inside my Big & Bold program.

In this year long program, we will go from where you are now – (“over-ing” somewhere, somehow in order not to feel your feelings) to where you want to be (loving your life, the people in it – and your self).

Yes, you can do this on your own, or with a sponsor from a 12 Step program, or with a therapist.

But I can get you there a lot faster, with more playfulness and laughter, with a lot less drama – and zero will power.

I’ve got this.
I’ve been there.
I know what works. And what doesn’t.

Stop Overeating.

Click here to sign up for a consult call to have a conversation to see if Big & Bold is for you.

Let’s get your dream life started.
Take the Big & Bold step forward.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Sometimes we need a direct hit on the head.


Let’s get started!
Click here now to schedule your consult call to see if Big & Bold is for you.

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2. Join the next 4 week series of our Women’s Warrior Group. Tuesdays from 1 PM – 2 PM.  July 7, July 14,  July 21 & July 28.
Each week we learn & practice a new coaching tool to access our Wise Inner Self to get Unstuck & Untangled.
You can register for the Zoom link here.

Most important. Take care of you.

Here are 5 easy suggestions:
1. Get enough sleep. Establish a bedtime routine and follow it. 

2. Get outside every day. Rain or shine. Take a walk.
3. Appreciate what is wonderful in the world. Write 3 things you are grateful for every day.
4. Get a buddy. Call them every day. Ask how they are and what they are feeling. Ask them if they need anything.
5. Give yourself a pleasure treat. Pick yourself some flowers. Take a nap. Read a novel. Do anything you want – just for the fun of it. 

With all my love.
From my heart to yours.


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