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Stop Playing the Wait-Blame-Quit Game

Stop playing the wait-blame-quit game.

Take 100% responsibility for all of it.
The good, the bad and the ugly.

As we enter the holiday season and the closing of a decade, take time to reflect, to be grateful and to change course where needed.

What if you took 100% responsibility for your 2019 life?

Your marriage.
Your career.
Your relationships with your family.
Your finances.

What if the upcoming year is completely up to you?

What if how big – or how small – you play in the game of your 2020 life is all on you?

I’ll tell you – here and now – YOU are the one.
You are 100% responsible for the whole shebang.
For your life.

Take that on.

What would happen if you put your hands on the wheel and took charge?

If you were the one steering this vehicle known as your life.

If instead of looking OUT THERE for the answer.
You looked IN HERE.

Your focus wasn’t on them and there.

Rather, your intent was on YOU and RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

What would that look like?

If you were 100% responsible –
What would you think, feel and do differently?

You wouldn’t think the thought about they and them. It’s you, kiddo.

You would no longer have the thought “She doesn’t do this, that or the other thing.”
OR “My boss doesn’t appreciate me at work.”

Without that thought – who would you be?
What else might you think?

We are so accustomed to looking OUT instead of IN.
Blaming others instead of taking ownership.

Thinking new & different thoughts and taking new & different actions does not come easy.

NOT taking 100% responsibility is a habitual game that appears real.

Because you have evidence – proof – that your thought is true – and you believe that thought. 100%.

Suspend belief in that thought for just a few moments.

Because maybe it’s not true.

Back to you.
Taking 100% responsibility.

NOT giving your power away to someone or something outside of yourself.

Even if it is true and it is all their fault and they are to blame.

You have no control over them.

Zero control over them.
100% control over you.

Do the math.

Right about now you want to quit.
You have the thought, “This is too hard. I’m out of here.”

Here’s something else.
How you do one thing – like blaming your spouse
and quitting on your marriage — or your relationship — or your job…
Is how you do most things.

Where else are you waiting and blaming and quitting – and not taking 100% responsibility?

The status of your finances.
Your relationship with a parent.
The accumulation of clutter in your home.
Not growing your team.

Waiting and blaming and quitting.

Giving the keys to your wonderful life to someone or something else.

They never come and rescue you.
They don’t read your mind.
They never miraculously change that behavior that drives you absolutely bat-shit crazy.

No. They are who they are.
It is what it is.

“When you argue with reality, you always lose – but only 100% of the time”. – Byron Katie

BEING the change you want to see in the world.

If you are 100% responsible for your marriage and everything else that makes up your life…
What might you think, feel or do differently?

Are you learning everything you could possibly learn from this situation?

Take it on.

You might think more loving thoughts, feel more loving feelings and do more loving things with or for your spouse.

You might want THEM to be more loving with their words or their touch.

Go first.
Be the one.

Make the first move.

Ask for that promotion.
Reach out and invite that family member to dinner.

Stop the wait-blame-quit game.
Let’s see what happens when you change the game from waiting and blaming others to being THE ONE.

Take 100% responsibility for making it happen.

Game on.


NOT giving your power away to someone or something outside of yourself.

No blame.
No waiting for a miracle.
No longer being a victim or a martyr.

You will have to feel and do things you haven’t felt & done before.

Like feeling determined.
Or being committed.
Or doing something courageous.

Speak your truth.
Make a request.
Take a bold action.

Get a move on.
Before the turkey is served and digested.
Before the chimes ring in the New Year 2020.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.

Take 100% responsibility for all of it.

Stop playing the wait-blame-quit game.

If you were taking 100% responsibility for your life — what would you think, feel and do differently?


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