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Take Charge of Your Mind

Take charge of your mind.

Think thoughts that serve you.

Consider the possibility that what you’ve been thinking all along, and taking as an absolute fact, may not be true.

I’ve been examining the thoughts I have on the topic of money.

The most common thought I have about money is that there isn’t enough.

Not enough.

This “Not Enough” money thought went through my mind so often that I just assumed it was true.

I had thought this thought so many times it showed up as a song on an endless loop that played in the background of my mind over and over and over.

According to my mind, it was a fact.

You may be able to relate. There may be a similar music track playing in the back of your mind.

I realized that I had this “Not Enough” thought about other topics as well.

Time – “I don’t have enough time.”
Love – “He doesn’t love me enough.”
Energy – “I just don’t have enough energy for this.”

There just wasn’t enough.

For me.

I decided that these “Not Enough” thoughts were not in my best interest.

These “Not Enough” thoughts were not FOR me.
They were not adding to my life.

They were subtracting from my life.

I made the decision to change this “Not Enough” thought.

You may have the same “Not Enough” thought.
Or something similar on a different topic.

Round and around it goes.
Playing over and over in your mind.

You can choose to do what I do whenever the “Not Enough” thought rears its limiting head.

I simply become aware of the “Not Enough” thought and its accompanying feeling of worry, combined with a dash of tightness in my chest.

I allow the thought to exist long enough for me to feel the constricting sensation in my chest.

Breathe. It’s just a thought.

Then I say out loud, “Change.”

And I open to consider a new and different thought.

I can think whatever I want to think.

You can too.

Choose a thought that adds to your life.
A thought that is believable to you – and that opens doors to possibility.

“There is enough.”
“I have more than enough.”
“Surprise enoughness is coming my way. Beyond my wildest dreams.”
“I have all that I need.”
“I have more than I need.”

Play with your thoughts.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Think thoughts that serve you.

Take charge of your mind.


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