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The Grip Your Thoughts Have

The Grip.

The grip your thoughts have.

On your life.

Your thoughts create your life.

The Grip.

The grip thoughts have.

The grip feelings have.

The grip your behaviors have.

They just don’t let go.

They repeat over & over relentlessly.

Like a dog with a bone. And you’re the bone.

The grip your thoughts and feelings have on you.

Resist and the thoughts, feelings and behaviors only tighten.


A new plan of action is required.

There are other choices besides fight or flight.

Or giving in entirely.

There are other options besides pushing those feelings down & away with: 

  • Compulsive Overeating – in Hiding
  • Bingeing on an entire gallon of Ice Cream – By Yourself
  • Smoking Pot – Every Day
  • Working until 8 or 9 PM – or Later Still
  • Blaming & Complaining to ANYONE that will listen – Mostly Yourself
  • Staying up until the wee hours of morning – With Netflix

Oh, I’ve tried them all.


Or they have tried me.


Here we are again.

This is not serving me.

I can’t ignore this.

I can’t push it – or will it – or make it go away.

Go away.

Not working.

I stomp & push.

Still not working.

Accept & Allow.

Are you kidding me?!

Feel the feelings. Stay with them.

Really get to know and be with them.


Describe them.

Keep breathing.

Get OUT of your head.

Get into your body.

Go deep.


Where are they in the body?

Chest? Lower belly?


What temperature are they?



How much space do they take up?

Are they heavy or light?

Solid or spongy? Sharp or dull?

Describe the feelings in your body.
Explore. Express. Acknowledge.

The feelings are there.

You are here.

You are not your feelings.

You are not your urges.

The grip will loosen.

I promise.

In time the thoughts, feelings and reactive behaviors you have will loosen and fall away.


Accept & Allow.

Step into living.

Your new life.

One step at a time.

It will happen.

It DOES happen.

It happened for me.

It can happen for YOU.

Be open to miracles.

Allow the grip to let go of you.

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