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The Magic Hula Hoop

You can’t create something new and different when you are standing in a pile of shit.

Let me break that down for you.

Pile of shit.

The PoS is any – ANY – negative self talk. Negative thinking.

Negative Thinking lands you in a pile of shit.

It doesn’t get you anywhere.


Create Something New & Different.

Like creating possibility.

Building a business.

Writing a book.

Creating love within a 30 year marriage.

Getting sponsorship for a television show.


If you are up to BIG & BOLD you are going to need to call on WILD & MAGICAL.

Time to stand in your MAGIC hula hoop.

You see it? On the ground. Round. Right in front of you.


Step inside.

Feel it? MAGIC.

Only empowering conversations happen inside the MAGIC hula hoop.

Only the good stuff.

Only the TRUTH.


You are 100% lovable.

You are whole & complete – exactly as you are – AND as you aren’t.

God/Goddess/MAGIC love you.

You’ve got this!

You can do this!


Stand inside your MAGIC hula hoop whenever you are creating your life.

Which is always.

Get out of that pile of shit. (Your negative thoughts.)


Your MAGIC hula hoop is also a rocket ship.

BLAST OFF! Into your BIG & BOLD life.

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Hula Hoop on the Ground


The Magic Hula Hoop | Gail Tremblay

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