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Trust Your Wise Inner Self

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Trust your Wise Inner Self.

Look and feel within YOU for the guidance that is meant for you.

Many of my clients have survived “craziness” at some point in their lives. They have experienced and lived through long periods of unpredictability.

I know. I have been there too.

Life’s unplanned for events – death, divorce, abusive relationships, or by chance born into a family where the people who loved us were erratic – not dependable at best – or dangerous, to us or themselves, at worst.

We learned to look OUTSIDE to others, to protect ourselves.

What was the mood of the others in charge today? Safe or unsafe?
How can we make them happy so they would be nice to us – or better yet, leave us alone.

It was like checking the weather outside to see if we needed an umbrella or to decide what to wear.

It’s no wonder we know more about what others want, what they think, and what they feel before we even consider how we are doing.

That is why so many of us became “People Pleasers ” as we grew up.
We developed the habit of looking outside of ourselves – to THEM – for approval before we looked within to US, to our own heart to hear our own wants and desires.

It was survival.

I’ve worked with many clients to re-establish a relationship with themselves. To learn to look inward first. To remember and trust that their wants and dreams matter.

This is a gentle reminder that this is YOUR life.
Today is YOUR day.

Look and feel within YOU for the guidance that is right for you.

Listen for your Wise Inner Self, for the voice that knows what is best for your growth and development.

Source or God wants the very best for you.
She wants you to be happy.
She communicates on the regular with your Wise Inner Self.

Your job is to be willing, to ask for guidance, to listen – and to TRUST your Wise Inner Self.

Tune in to your Wise Inner Self.
It’s a completely different station or vibration than the self that wants to zone out with Netflix and a gallon of ice cream.

Your Wise Inner Self wants you to stretch and grow.
To open your heart and let go of any limitations.

Your Wise Inner Self wants you to allow your dreams to manifest in the life you are living now.
Not someday in the far off distant future.

Allow your dreams to become possibilities TODAY.
Take the steps TODAY to create your dreams with GRACE & EASE.

Start from looking WITHIN and asking,

You might not know.
Ask again.

Be willing.
Be quiet.

What feels right for YOU?

LISTEN with your heart & soul to your Wise Inner Self.

Know that you deserve nothing less than your dreams full blown in technicolor.

Love and abundance exist and flourish FOR YOU.

Enjoy listening and following the voice of your Wise Inner Self.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Look and feel within YOU for the guidance that is meant for you.

Trust your Wise Inner Self.


Wishing you Peace, Love & Joy.

Love & hugs,


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