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Welcome to the ‘Hood: The Sisterhood

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Connect with a Sister.

Transform your relationship with women.

In January 2018 the way I thought about other women had a complete makeover.
That was when I began to work with my mentor, Regena Thomashauer, also known as Mama Gena.

She introduced and welcomed me into the magical world of Sisterhood.

No longer did I automatically rank and rate myself in comparison with another woman.

No longer did I find myself competing for status as to which of us was thinner or appeared more youthful. In the past my misinformed mind had equated these subjective “results” to better than or less than.

Better than or less than the other.

I began to see that for the lie it was.
The thoughts that separated and divided us.
For no good reason.

For no reason that served us as women.

I experienced that my power lay within the solidarity I had WITH my women friends and my women family relations.

A reality where I am connected to each and every woman on the planet.

I entered the realm of all women as equals, as comrades, as a Sister regardless of physical attributes, marital status, age, wealth, or cultural background.

I was initiated into the sacred space that we as women hold.

The sacred space that holds:

The sacred space that we hold loves men and helps rise men up as well.

We start together first as women.

Treasure your women friends and family.
Gaze into the eyes of the women you pass on the street or where you buy your groceries.
We are all one.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Transform your relationship with women.

Connect with a Sister.

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