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What's Fun Got to Do With It?

What’s FUN Got to Do With It?

This past week, two different married couples I work with, brought up “the good old days” with nostalgia.
They both had this longing in their voices.

They wanted to go back in time to when they first started dating.

Before kids and jobs and responsibilities.
Back to when their interactions were full of laughter, flirtatiousness and excitement.

It’s all too easy after a decade or more of marriage to fall into the deep abyss of cleaning, house maintenance, cooking, and yard work.
There is no end to the details of running a household and a family together.
Where did all the fun and excitement go?

What’s FUN got to do with it?

Life’s routines can suck all the zest right out of a marriage.

Do you truly want a life and a marriage that is alive and well?
One that is on fire with fun and passion?

I am here to tell you that it’s possible – and to implore you not to settle for anything less.

How to light the flame of fun and keep it lit:

  1. Shine your light first. Embark on the inquiry to discover what lights you up. What gives you joy? All joy is worth taking note of. Jot it down. Does your heart skip a beat with the scent of a specific soap? Do you feel uplifted listening to certain music? Does the texture of a fabric bring a smile to your face? Find 3-5 things that bring you joy. Consider people, activities, foods or experiences. It all counts.
  2. DO what lights you up and brings you joy. Break the habit of putting yourself last. The paradox is that you will be more loving to all those in your circle once you have cared for yourself first.
  3. AFTER you have sparked your flame, conduct the same inquiry to find your favorite experiences of joy and connection with your spouse. What activities or being-ness with your spouse warms your heart? Do the research and make your list of 3-5 things with your partner that bring you joy with your partner. Keep it simple. Remember to look at the interactions in your day to day life. Fun and connection with your spouse don’t require an island vacation or a big bite into your budget.
  4. DO the things. BE the spouse that initiates the fun, the light, and the heat. Smile. Flirt. Touch. It takes minimal effort to ignite a spark. It may be a change of attitude or a simply a change of expression.

What’s FUN got to do with it?

Marriage can be all work and no play.
But that won’t sustain you through and beyond your next decade together.

Turn up the flame of fun, play & joy in your own life AND have it boil over into your married life with your spouse.

  • Find what lights you up and go do those things for yourself.
  • Recognize what shines in your marriage.
  • Put time and energy into those areas.
  • Surprise yourself with the results.

What’s FUN got to do with it?

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Most important. Take care of you.

Here are 5 easy suggestions:
1. Get enough sleep. Establish a bedtime routine and follow it.
2. Get outside in nature every day. Rain or shine.
3. Appreciate what is wonderful in the world. Write 3-5 things you are grateful for each day.
4. Reach out to a friend. Call that person once a week – or every day. Ask how they are and what they are feeling. Give them the space to release their feelings without any judgment or fixing.
5. Treat yourself to pleasure every day. Maybe every hour. Give yourself a hug. Dance. Take a nap. Sing out loud. Read a novel. Soak in the tub. Do anything you want – just for the pleasure of it.

With all my love.
From my heart to yours.

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