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Your Next Decade is Up To You: 4 Practices to Help

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Your next decade is up to you.

The next ten years of your life will be made up of a series of small choices and actions that in the end result in YOUR LIFE.

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new decade – of YOUR LIFE.

Your next decade is up to you.

To increase the probability of having the life of your dreams, I have listed below 4 practices that I use – and that have helped me live into the life I love.

I’ve let go of A TON of fear, worry, self-doubt, and overwhelm using these 4 practices.

And you can too.

Letting go of all those disabling & disempowering feelings leaves a huge opening of space — to create new possibilities.

It’s here in this new found space that I’ve been able to listen, to explore and to follow my heart’s desires.

And I want this for you too.

Your next decade is up to you.

You may have noticed by now – I only share what I’ve experienced myself and have found helpful for my growth & evolution. These are 4 practices that I use to create my life. My life that I love living.

  1. Meditation & Deep Breathing – I have recently returned to a daily mediation practice as a tool to ground myself and manage my mind. I’ve tried a variety of meditation apps. I’ve used Headspace, Calm, & Insight Timer. I’m currently using and loving Waking Up. Try one for fun and see what works for you. In addition, whenever I think of it through the day, I feel my feet on the floor, inhale slowly, hold for 5 seconds, and exhale long and deep. I might do this for 1 breath or 10, depending on the time I have available and the situation that I’m in.
  1. Visualizing – I use visual reminders to focus my mind on what I’ve chosen as important to me. I write quarterly focus statements and post them in my calendar. I’ve written value statements for what I’m creating with my life and review these daily. I’ve used art work and collages to create images to express these statements. I hang them where I can see them often. What’s important here is to put your intentions into existence so that your thoughts & words are not just air that disappear but tangible concrete objects that exist in time & space. Images and words can inspire us to take that next small bold step in the direction of our dreams.
  1. Journaling – I love to write as a way to express, vent, let go and sort my mind out. I have a daily morning practice of dumping my mind out in my journal. Whatever I’m thinking, no judgments, just out with it. Out of my mind and onto the paper go the contents of my mind. Next, I go back and examine what was in that mind of mine. I underline the thoughts that limit or disempower me. “My legs are fat.” “I don’t have enough time to get it all done.” “It’s all my fault.” I use my Triple A process and become Aware. Then I Accept & Allow. I pause to Accept & Allow before jumping into upgrading my thoughts. Writing my thoughts down on paper helps me see my thoughts as separate from who I am and who I choose to be. The thoughts I have are just strings of words running through my mind. I can choose to give those thought value or credibility – or I can choose to let them go. I top it off with what Mama Gena calls a “Trinity”: Something I can BRAG about, something I am GRATEFUL for (I often will list 5 or more things I am grateful for or appreciate), and something I DESIRE. This can be so much fun – especially when you see your desires come to fruition.
  1. Coaching – I work with a coach on a regular basis because I believe strongly in the benefits of coaching. The safe container of my coach’s listening allows me the space I need to investigate my resentments and judgments so I can let go and heal. My coach acts as a guide to light the way on my path to grow and evolve. I consider the time I spend with my coach like a session at the gym.  Instead of toning my muscles I’m strengthening my mind and spirit to improve my mental health. I am committed to exercising my body and improving my mental health — for the rest of my life. My mind creates the life I live. I use my coach to help me get my mind into tip top shape.

And I want this for you too.

Your next decade is up to you.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
The next ten years of your life will be made up of a series of small choices and actions that in the end result in YOUR LIFE.

Your next decade is up to you.

I wish you a decade’s worth of moments overflowing with peace, love and joy.

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