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Your Thoughts Are Magic Spells

Your thoughts are magic spells.

Do you ever actually look at, or listen to, the thoughts that you think?

For most of us, our thoughts have a life of their own.Our thoughts run rampant and unsupervised in our minds.

Sometimes our thoughts are so frequent and so loud that we can’t hear what others around us are saying.

We think our thoughts are true.We think our thoughts are real.We think our thoughts are facts.

“Everything I say is stupid.”“Everything they say is stupid.”“They are not listening to me.”“They don’t like me.”

Consider the possibility that your thoughts are simply a string of words that form sentences that float through your mind.

Just words and sentences.Floating through your mind.

Consider the possibility that your thoughts are simply words and sentences that may not be true.


Yep. Your thoughts are just words floating through your mind.

It is helpful to become aware of your thoughts – even if they are just words floating through your mind – and to choose which thoughts you want to keep and which thoughts you want to let go of.

You can let your thoughts float on by.

“Dump & Sort” is a tool I use in my morning routine.

Step 1 – Dump

I write my thoughts in my journal or my daily planner.I dump the contents of my mind as I review my day ahead.Whatever thoughts I’m having, I write them down.I write my thought words and sentences in my planner until the space is full or my mind is emptied. Whichever comes first. The important part is to write your thoughts so you can become aware of your thoughts outside of your mind.

Step 2 – Sort

I look back at what I’ve written and sort my thoughts into two categories: “Thoughts That Serve Me” and “Thoughts That Don’t Serve Me”.

I underline the thoughts that don’t serve me.

The majority of my initial thoughts usually don’t serve me.The dangers of an unsupervised mind.

Variations of the following thought sentences are frequent visitors in my mind and are sorted into the “Don’t Serve Me” pile:“I don’t have enough time”“I won’t get it all done”“I don’t have enough money”“I don’t know how to do this”“I’m overwhelmed”

Important Tip.Thought sentences that criticize or blame layered on top of these initial “Don’t Serve Me” thoughts are just not helpful.

Critical & blaming thoughts look & sound like:”That’s a dumb thought.”“You are stupid that you can’t figure this out.”“You got yourself into this mess, now get yourself out.”“It’s all so & so’s fault I’m in this jam.”“I should have this figured out and solved by now.”“I can’t believe you don’t know how to do this.”

Those thoughts are a waste of time.They don’t help. They don’t lead to better thoughts.

Do your best to be kind & loving to yourself no matter what.If the thought isn’t kind and loving, it’s probably not helpful.

Step 3 – Edit & Revise

I look again at the words and sentences I’ve underlined.In so doing I become aware of them. I give myself time and space to allow my thought words and sentences to just be.

“Hmm. I am having the thought that I don’t have enough time or money. Hmm.”

I don’t judge or criticize or blame or beat myself up in any way for the string of words and sentences that are floating through my mind. I don’t even ask where they came from or why I have them.

I don’t attach myself to thoughts that don’t serve me. Don’t get “sticky” and stuck with the thoughts that don’t serve you.

That in itself takes time and practice.This is thought meditation.”Oh. I’m having this thought. It has no meaning. It can float on by through my mind.”

Next, I intentionally re-write my thoughts.

“I don’t have enough money” becomes“I have enough money”  OR “I have just what I need” OR “I make informed choices with my money”.

Choose a string of words that serve you.

Essentially this is an over-write of the mind’s buggy software.A re-wiring of the brain.

This new sentence becomes a thought that becomes a magic spell.

All thoughts are magic spells.

“I don’t have enough money”, results in not having enough money.

“I make informed choices with my money” results in making informed choices with money.

Today is the day.Go out and practice.Edit your thoughts with love and care.

Your thoughts are magic spells.

Wishing you Peace, Love, & Joy.


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