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Give Your Mind A Rest

Give your mind a rest – Take time out to do nothing

So often we push ourselves relentlessly
to DO, DO, DO.

We accomplish goals, complete tasks, and improve ourselves with Force, Will, & Effort.

Our minds are always engaged.
Thinking about what to do now and
what to do next.

We don’t waste a moment NOT DOing.

This fervor will only get us so far and for so long.

Force, Will, & Effort are not sustainable.

Or F-U-N.

Take the road less traveled.

No more pushing, shoving & whipping yourself into a better version of YOU.

There is no such thing.

You’ve got this.

Give your mind a rest – Know & fully accept that You Are A Miracle

Of all the sperm and egg possibilities,
Look what showed up.
Ta da!

YOU are a miracle of life itself.
AND so am I.

Right from the get go – without doing or proving or achieving

Pass the bon bons, please.

Give your mind a rest – Follow PLEASURE

What feels good to your deep, knowing, Sacred Self?

Let’s put together a new dance step routine.

A flirtatious hip swirling salsa of discovered habits and practices that ignite your soul.

Inhale that two step, hip swirl and deep exhale, twirl about & re-set.

Allow yourself to be fully held in the safe womb of Source or whatever you find yourself naming your Goddess-Spirit.

Give your mind a rest – Melt into and TRUST in the arms of the Universe

You can do this with:

  • A short nap
  • A long walk in nature with the sun, the cool air and the trees
  • Writing in your journal, purging your inner turmoil knowing that your Source-Goddess is an always compassionate listener
  • A visit to your church or temple or shrine
  • A paint brush in hand
  • A yoga class
  • Swimming across a lake
  • Meditating in the sauna
  • Running a half marathon

The list of possibilities is endless.

What’s important is that YOU
find something – several things – that bring you PLEASURE.

Give your mind a rest – Do these things – whatever they may be – on the regular

If it feels nourishing to your soul once, go do it again tomorrow or next week or next month.

Find what lights you up and gives you a deep sigh of satisfaction.

Emerge rejuvenated & re-charged.

You’ve got this.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Give your mind a rest.

Take time out to do nothing.


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