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Your Words Create Your Life

Take care with your words.Your words create your life.Listen to what comes out of your mouth.

Step 1 – Eliminate self-deprecation.

Delete your versions of “I’m fat & ugly”.Delete your versions of “I’m not good with money”.Delete your versions of “I’m not smart enough”.

Your words create your life.What you say is who you become.

Step 2 -Use your words to create anything you desire.

Give yourself time and space to imagine & declare your desires.In your journal.With a friend.On your blog.

I desire to be peace, love & joy.I desire to be service & contribution.I desire to be a source of inspiration.I desire to live a big & bold life.

Your words create your life.Have your words paint a picture.

Step 3 – Get specific with your words.

I will run with you on Wednesday at noon.I will pay that bill today.I will arrive on time to the meeting.I will spend Tuesday night with you.

Your words create your life.Do what you said you were going to do.

Step 4 – Honor your word.

Keep your promises.

As Nike says, “Just Do It”.The drama, stories and noise you have around your promise drains the energy needed to get the job done.

On one level “Just Do It” is a way to be efficient with your time and energy.

On an entirely different level, honoring your word is the rocket fuel to turbo charge & blast yourself from this dimension into an entirely different galaxy.

Catapult yourself from being someone who cannot be counted on or trusted to do what they say, to being someone who is known for being their word and creating the big & bold life of their dreams.

Being someone who consistently does what they say they are going to do sounds simple.Yet it is far from easy.

Integrity is a mountain with no top. Learn to enjoy the climb.
Michael Jensen, Harvard Business School, Harvard University

Your words create your life.Harness your words and powerfully speak your best life into being.

Today is the day.Go out and practice.Honor your word.

Your words create your life.

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