Married Sister Goddess Circle

A group for married Sister Goddesses who want to connect with other Goddesses and make their marriages come alive again.                           Registration opens February 12, 2024 for our Winter Circle.

Is This You?

Is This You?

My approach is designed to help married men
and women in these situations:

You have desires for so much more in life. And your spouse seems satisfied with living life just as it is.

You have dreams of places you want to explore, things you want to do, adventures you want to have. You love your guy. You’ve been with him for so long. You feel like you’ve grown up together. And, there are still so many parts of you that haven’t been expressed yet. Your soul is crying out for more please. How do you navigate this separateness and still stay together?

Both of you are really going through demanding times – maybe with your career, children or aging parents. You take life’s frustrations out on each other.

Most of your conversations start and end as arguments. Neither of you are happy, and you both know it. You find yourself preferring to be at work where you are respected and have some semblance of control. Home no longer feels like a safe haven.

You have a good marriage. You know your spouse cares for you. Yet, you feel like you’re disappearing.

You just don’t feel like you take up space. You feel like you’re becoming invisible. You don’t share what you’re thinking or ask for what you want. You feel you’ve lost yourself by focusing on your partner’s happiness. You want to be seen and heard within your own marriage.

You feel alone and discouraged. Often you feel dried up and that you’ve lost your zest for life.

You feel depressed at worst and emotional at best. Or maybe vice versa depending on the day. Your spouse is involved in their work and hobbies. When they come home they’re tired. You want to feel alive and vital again.

Your spouse’s attention is given elsewhere – at the office, in their business, or with the family. They have little to nothing left for you.

You understand but still you are left wanting. You wonder if you should have an affair or open your relationship up to others that might meet your need to be treated like a queen or a king – just to have that rush of sexual release. You’d like some help before you do something your marriage may never recover from.

My approach works well if you:

My approach works well if you:

My approach works well if you:

My approach works well if you:

We’ll do even better working together if you:

We’ll do even better
working together if you:

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