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Take Care of You

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Take care of you.

Additional demands require additional care. Of. You.

T’is the season for more

Making Lists.
Sending Emails.
Responding to Texts.
Sending & Receiving Invitations.
Making Requests.
Following Through on Commitments.

More, more, more.

Oodles of decisions to make.
Too many promises to keep.

Hey, take it from me. Here’s is the #1 promise to keep:

Take care of you.

Not only during the holiday season but throughout the entire year.

Taking care of you takes that high anxiety pressure off
and settles it down into your feet on the ground.

Self-care takes that pounding heart, shrill voice, non-stop thinking
and s-l-o-w-s
it all down into a solid deep comfort in your chest.

Schedule feeding your spirit BEFORE you’re starving for comfort and care

I remember when I didn’t schedule self-care in my calendar and in my life – AT ALL.
It was lucky to show up maybe once a month.

When asked what I what I was looking forward to, I had nothing to say.
There was nothing I was looking forward to except more doing, doing, and doing.

That is way too lean (and mean) a diet, my friends.
I suggest having self-care on your calendar EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Schedule something for you – every single day, every single week, and every single month in one form or another.

Self-care is your oxygen mask.

It gives you the energy to take care of everything and everyone else on your list.

You. Take care of you.

5 Self-Care Practices to Settle Your Anxious Self:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Deep Breathing
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Being Physically Active

Minutes matter.

Keep it simple. You don’t need to devote hours and days to any one of these.
A few minutes make a big difference.

  • Meditation – Use your timer. 5-10 minutes. Try the Box Meditation. Inhale for an entire breath. Hold for a count of 5 seconds. Exhale the entire breath. Hold for a count of 5 seconds. Repeat until the timer goes off. Focus on your breath. Simple.
  • Yoga – Join a class*. Follow a video. Use an app.
  • Deep Breathing – Set a timer for 2-10 minutes. Inhale slowly through your nose. Hold for 4 seconds. Blow out slowly through your mouth for 6 seconds. The key here is slowly. This deep breathing practice will trigger the relaxation response.
  • Coaching Sessions – Sharing your thoughts with a coach provides a reality check to beliefs that appear to be facts – about yourself and others. Seeing family during the holidays is a perfect opportunity to question your thoughts and expectations for others. A coach can help you “Get Yourself Back on Track.”
  • Being Physically Active – Anything and everything is an option here. Take a 10-minute dance break. My favorite trifecta is a hike in nature with friends. At the office? 30 squats in the restroom stall. (Not kidding.) Or hit the gym during your lunch break.

Do what works for you.
Just DO IT.

Schedule it in advance

Make it happen before you realize that you are long overdue for some YOU TIME and are running on fumes.

Sign up for that gym membership now. Join a hiking club. Take a dance class.

Commit to taking care of you TODAY.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Additional demands require additional care. Of. You.

Take care of you.


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