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Create the Best Next Year of Your Life Now

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Create the best next year of your life now.

Don’t wait until January 1st or New Year’s Eve to set your course.

I know. Many of you are recovering from all that you ate and the conversations you had with family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Others are knee-deep in Black Friday buying sprees or cleaning their homes in preparation for the new year.

The rest are hoping that the holiday season will pass as soon as possible.

I am suggesting that you put all of that on hold for an hour or two.

Make the time to dream up the life you want to live into next year.

No less that one hour. Two is better.

Start a wild and open brainstorm of desires.

(Anything is possible is the mindset for this session.)

I desire to go on an African safari.
I desire to inherit a gardener to maintain my perennial flower gardens.
I desire to hike with friends every single month of the year.
I desire to let go of or sell every item in my home that I no longer find useful or pleasurable.
I desire to belong to a healing collaborative to alleviate suffering.

Giving yourself permission to dream the “impossible” is critical.

Pause here to write it all down.

(When you are complete with your list — Continue)

What do you do with your list of dreams and desires?

Blow your seeds out into the winds of 2020.
Offer your desires to the universe.
(I suggest an actual exhale)

And so it shall be.
This – or something even better!

(Best to say these very words aloud.)

And then there’s the practical side…
Let’s make something happen.

Plant a seed.

Choose one desire – any one will do – as long as it speaks to you – and plant this one firmly in the ground.


This will be your dream desire for 2020.

That safari trip.
Or the relationship you long for.
The amount of money you want to create.

Absolutely anything you desire.

Choose one.
Just one.

One year.
One amazing dream desire.

(Don’t move on until you’ve chosen your one dream desire.)

Dump from your mind all the reasons and beliefs you have that you could never, ever, ever achieve this dream desire.

Write it down.
(C’mon. 10 minutes to record your resisting thoughts.)

I can’t.
They won’t.
I don’t know enough.
I don’t have enough.

Get it out of your brain.

All those limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks.
(10 minutes. Use the timer.)

Then – Go to work on it. List your action steps.

What would you have to do, to request, to create, to be –
To achieve or create or bring this dream desire to fruition?

How can you get this seed of a dream to actually sprout, take root and grow?

Make a list.
Write it down.

What action steps could you take to get this dream desire to actually happen?
(Another list. Set the timer for another 10 minutes.)

(Still in it when the timer rings? Set it for another 10 minutes.)

Now rest.

Take a walk.
Let the dream set.

The seed has been planted.

You are now able to allow your dream desire to sprout.

Your chosen dream desire will pull you forward into the next best year of your life – 2020.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Don’t wait until January 1st to set your course.

Create the best next year of your life now.

We will tend to the growth of your dream desire in 2020.


Want help creating your dream desires for 2020?

Let’s talk.

Our first 60 minute discovery conversation is free of charge.

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Send me 3 dates/times that work for you here and we will make it happen.

I help my clients live the life of their dreams. That’s it. That’s all. That’s what we are up to.
Living the dream.

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