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Life Happens. Roll With It.

Life happens. Roll with it.

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Life happens. Roll with it.

Things don’t always go as planned.

Ride the waves of life’s ups and downs
and surprises as best you can.
Be gentle with yourself.

Put your attention on who you want to be & how you want to feel.

Most people want to feel connected to their spouse,
feel love for the people in their lives and feel calm and at peace.
Regardless of circumstance.

When I was learning to ride a motorcycle
I was told to focus my eyes on where I wanted to go.
The bike would follow my gaze, the tilt of my head and my intended destination.

The same is true for feeling what you want to feel.

To increase the likelihood of feeling connected, loving and at peace with your spouse,
it helps to think thoughts that generate those feeling states.

Resistance, resentment and ridicule won’t cut it.

Life happens. Roll with it.

Thoughts that might help in your response to the unexpected or unannounced include:

*My spouse and I are a team.
*I like people.
*I am relaxed and calm.

What might you be thinking if you were feeling connected, loving and at peace with your spouse?

Take a moment to jot down a few that are appropriate for your circumstance.

What would you be doing if you felt connected, loving and at peace with your spouse?

You might touch your spouse or ask how you could help or support them in this situation.
OR be gracious and of service to the people you are interacting with.
OR spend some time alone to take a few deep breaths becoming aware of your feet on the ground and the sounds around you to help regulate your nervous system.

Life happens. Roll with it.

This process of focusing on how you want to feel, choosing what to think and taking action from that feeling state is what I call “The Alignment Process”.

Aligning your thoughts and actions so they are congruent with the feeling state you desire  will create the results you want in your marriage and in your life.

Conduct your experiments using “The Alignment Process”.

Post the results you create and your questions in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
Things don’t always go as planned.

Life happens. Roll with it.

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Most important. Take care of you.

Here are 5 easy suggestions:
1. Get enough sleep. Establish a bedtime routine and follow it. 

2. Get outside in nature every day. Rain or shine. 
3. Appreciate what is wonderful in the world. Write 3-5 things you are grateful for each day.
4. Reach out to a sister. Call her once a week – or every day. Ask how she is and what she is feeling. Give her the space to release her feelings without any judgment or fixing.
5. Treat yourself to pleasure. Dance. Take a nap. Sing out loud. Read a novel. Soak in the tub. Do anything you want – just for the pleasure of it. 

With all my love.
From my heart to yours.

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