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Making Decisions: 4 Lessons

Making Decisions: Four Lessons Learned

I had a lot of opportunities to make decisions this week. I bet you did too.

Making decisions ultimately boils down to choosing between YES or NO.

“Am I a YES or am I a NO on this?” I ask myself.

Which will lead me to my BIG & BOLD life?

The YES? Or the NO?

Lesson 1: I can change my mind – and that’s OK.

This week I chose to say NO after making a commitment to being a YES.

I changed my mind.

That was interesting.

I chose to say YES and registered for an event. I scheduled it on my calendar – which resulted in my saying no to several other opportunities.

(No regrets. It happened as it happened because it was meant to happen that way. Why argue with the past?  That’s another BLOG post.)

Fulfilling on my YES would have been BIG & BOLD.

AND being a NO was also BIG & BOLD.

I chose NO.

I changed my mind.

“Changing your mind is your prerogative,” said my prom date in junior high school. Good lesson.

(I didn’t know the definition of prerogative way back then. Two decades would pass until I finally learned the lesson of prerogative. “Oh. I can change my mind. I can say NO after I said YES.” Imagine that.)

I  can say NO simply because I feel like it. Because I changed my mind – and I am no longer a powerful YES.

My prerogative. I changed my mind. And that’s OK.

Lesson 2: Say YES to your growth – and it won’t be easy. 

The very next day I had the experience of fulfilling on a commitment to follow through on a yes.

I chose to allow my feelings of resistance and my thoughts of “I don’t want to” and “You can’t make me” throughout my consistent actions of moving forward.

I chose to stay on course with my yes and accepted my feelings of resistance. I chose to do what I said I was going to do.

Some of my YES was fun and some of my YES was not fun. Some of my YES was hard work.

My thoughts that resulted in the YES for this decision: “This is being a contribution, this is an act of service. This is good for my evolution and growth. This is the practice of love.”

This YES was a step toward my BIG & BOLD life.

Commitment. I said yes to my growth – and it wasn’t easy.

Lesson 3: Say YES to receiving love. Oh, yes. 

Later in the week I practiced being a YES to fully allow myself to experience a gift.

This was an intentional choice to practice receiving.

I focused and relaxed into my YES. This YES did not require giving to someone else. This YES was receiving 100% of attention on me.

Receiving. YES. Oh, YES.

Lesson 4: Choose YES or choose NO. There is no wrong answer. 

Take the time to make a definitive decision.

Choose YES.

Or choose NO.

Make a decision and be done with it. Simply choose.

This will result in relief and peace of mind.

You can always change your mind powerfully later. The key word here is powerfully.

(Sometimes I even schedule it on my calendar. Decide to attend or not to attend such & such event.)


And tres importanto – Communicate to those impacted of your change of plans. ASAP.

Choose. There is no wrong answer.


Here’s what doesn’t work:

Not communicating a clear YES or a NO to those affected by your choice.

Choosing indecision. Choosing Limbo Land. MAYBE or NO COMMENT is a waste of energy and sends a messy, mixed message.


YES and NO are two very powerful words.

Use them well.


If you want guidance in making choices in your life, if you want help untangling your knotted thoughts, if you want to get unstuck and back into flow – email me at and let’s have a conversation.

Are you a MAYBE or a NOT SURE if you want coaching? Schedule a free consult call with me today and practice being a powerful YES or a powerful NO. (There is no wrong answer!)

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