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Small Steps Make Big Changes

This is my gentle reminder to you.
Small steps make big changes.

The small steps you take on a daily basis add up.

They add up to miles.
To marathons and mountaintops, to new careers, to 25th wedding anniversaries, and to published books.

Or to ill health, lack of motivation for work, estrangement from people we love, and to living a small, unexpressed life.

The small actions you take on a daily basis have tremendous impact on your life.

Let’s step back and take a look.

What results do you have in your life?

What have you been up to?

How would you rate your life on a scale from 1-10?

Observe yourself this week.

It’s always helpful to take a personal inventory to up your game.

List the habits you have that are creating the life you want.
Acknowledge & celebrate those small daily actions that are working FOR you.
Good on you!

And list the actions you are taking that may be a barrier to the very life want to create for yourself.
What habits do you want to let go of?

Bye bye late nights of Netflix and mornings hitting the snooze button.
No longer working for me.

Habits are actions or thoughts repeated on a frequent basis.

Our habits create our lives.

What are you creating with your one wild and precious life?

Show up for your great life.
Make some big changes with your small steps.

What small step are you willing to take today?

You won’t always want to.
Do it anyway.

Make it fun.
Make it a game.
Get out there and upgrade your life!

A  smattering of fun small actions might look like:

  • Touching the people we love every time we walk past them.
  • Writing & sharing what we are grateful for – every day.
  • Saying thank you.
  • Starting the day reading a positive quote or affirmation.
  • Placing your hand on your heart and taking a deep breath.
  • Ending your day with a short prayer or meditation.

Let me know what your plan is.
Share how it goes for you.
The wins and the losses.

This is your one wild and precious life.

Today is the day.
Go out and practice.
The small steps you take on a daily basis add up.

Small steps make big changes.

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